"The Green Light - A Docu-Soap"

Created by:
michael lippman & Tina Cardinale

Developed by:
Halle sherwin


The Green Light is a Bravo style reality show starring Michael Edelstein, owner of the best medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, and pot shaman to the stars.  As with all such docu-soaps, it is our job to raise an entertaining narcissist to the status of cultural hero and icon.  

Edelstein ministers (through shamanic healing sessions and prescribing the correct strain of marijuana) to the great and the near great – Aaron Sorkin depends on Edelstein and Edelstein bud to write all his great movies and TV shows. Steve Jobs was a client and one of Edelstein’s best friends:  Edelstein supplied Jobs with every drop of acid Jobs took after ‘99 (a lot) and Jobs thought of those acid trips with Edelstein as the wellspring of his creative breakthroughs that changed the world so completely.  Edelstein sees a revolution coming in the culture, a new wave, and from his base in Venice CA, he is helping to create it. 

 Meanwhile, in New York City, Michael’s nephew, DAVID, turns state’s evidence against his dad’s firm, is “banished” from Wall Street forever, and is disowned by his father.  David’s father is none other than Edelstein’s brother – a Jamie Diamond type who hates and despises the vain, drug-addled, fraudulent “healer”, Michael Edelstein.  Desperate and lost, David shows up at The Green Light, to meet the other black sheep of the family. 

We will take the reality form itself deeper, too.  We will use the exquisitely squandered convention of OTF (on the fly interview) to really get into the heads of our characters, especially Michael Edelstein, who is a story teller by nature, and who for years harbored the fantasy of being the next Spalding Gray (unfortunately he felt like the press would paint him too heavily with the marijuana brush for him to be taken seriously as an artist).  So Edelstein wants to go into the depths, and we have to use the form effectively to go there with him.


Like all docu-soap protagonists, Edelstein has a somewhat wacky staff – which gives us everything from exposition, to conflict, to comedy.  Edelstein's staff is really his family, they’re the people who get him. 

 BETHANY (23):  Bud-tender.  Always baked. Everything she eats she cooks in pot butter, including her trademark popcorn, which she’s always eating.  She’s never not getting MORE baked than she already is.  Edelstein loves her.  She has ZERO short-term memory so she’s totally in the moment.  

 KIMBERLY (32): Brilliant acupuncturist at The Green Light, claims to give guys blowjobs as "part of her treatment", but Edelstein doesn’t believe her: she’s a pathological liar with “sexual Tourettes”.  She’s also been diagnosed as bipolar, borderline, a nymphomaniac, and an "exercise bulimic".  But, she’s genuinely hilarious and she’s a genius acupuncturist. 

 TRAVIS (45):  Customer and friend of Edelstein, always at the store, always smoking weed.  Divorced with a kid, beyond unemployed.  He sits on the floor of The Green Light and reads (mostly to himself, but occasionally out loud to Michael) the best spiritual texts on the planet.  Michael sees Travis as a soul mate, his wife thinks they’re gay lovers.    

 LAUREN (24):  East coast born and bred, Ivy League educated, Michael LOVES Lauren, Michael is dying to sleep with Lauren, but Lauren is becoming Michael's “shamanic apprentice”.  Then David shows up and immediately falls in love with Lauren and a love triangle is born, keeping them painfully/pleasurably bonded for a long time to come.