Created By:

Halle Sherwin & Lisa A. Mills

Kismet TV created and produced an original interior design/reality pilot, “Pardon My Decor”, hosted by celebrity interior designer,  and New York Times best selling author, “Life With My Sister Madonna”, Christopher Ciccone.

Fremantlemedia, the largest production company in the world with some of the most successful world-wide franchises, producer of “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent”, optioned the international distribution rights and financed the “Pardon My Decor” pitch pilot.

“Pardon My Decor” takes Christopher completely out of his “money no object, jet set lifestyle” and drops him into the not so glamorous world of the “common people” where he is charged with the painful challenge of redecorating rooms on a “basement bargain”, “budget under”, “Survivor” style time constraints which result in hysterically comical fish out of water predicaments.   Ciccone is accustomed  to ordering Italian marble, and  now finds himself shopping at Home Depot for cheap linoleum at discount prices!